Bunnies vs. Kittens


Bunnies vs. Kittens

By Emmie and Siena B.

Emmie´s purpose: I am trying to convince Siena that bunnies are better than kittens.

Siena´s purpose:  I want Emmie to think kittens are better than bunnies.

Emmie:  In my opinion bunnies are the sweetest because they are very fluffy, soft, and cuddly.

Siena:  I believe kittens are better because they are more playful because they have energy.

Emmie:  I think that it is easier to take care of bunnies. For example, you just have to give them food and water and clean their cage.

Siena:  Kittens are better because they are very fuzzy.

Emmie:  Another reason bunnies are better is that kittens can scratch if they get mad or scared.  Bunnies do not, they just wiggle their nose!

Siena: Kittens are more playful.

Emmie´s Conclusion:  For all the reasons I have given, I believe bunnies are better than kittens.

Siena´s Conclusion:  To sum it up I think kittens are better then bunnies.

Emmie:  Did I convince you Siena?

Siena:  Nope!

Siena  Did I convince you?

Emmie:   Nope!

Both  It is a tie!


My grandpa and me

So what we did was we had cookies. So what we do with cookies is there are two bags of two cookies all the bags have a name. The names we did today were today and tomorrow. he what I got was today top my little brother got tomorrow bottom. then we played doggies. What we did for doggies is I made a cat food for me.  then I did some tricks and got a ball. it was so fun I love to play doggies with my grandpa!

What do you do with your grandpa ?

The Crew

I love being in Mrs. Amri class.

I wish that I was in Mrs. Amris class forever.

I have made a lot of Friends in the school year.

My Friends are Sage, Emily, Molly, Chole, Claire, Cara, Rachel, Aila, Windsor, Sophia g, Sophia s, Emelia, Sahara, and last but not least Mrs. Amri.

The kids in the crew are Rachel, Aila, Sophia g, Sage, Windsor, Sahara, Emily, Molly, Sophia s, Emelia, Jack, Noah, Cam, Lawson, Van, Patrick, Wesley, Jackson, Grady, Alexander, Henry, Max, Griffin and Mrs. Amri.

My dad

“My dad is the best. My father is a man like no other.

he gave me life, held me, taught me, dressed me, But most importantly loved me unconditionally.

There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my father is to me, and what a powerful influence he continues to be. . .”

I love you Dad.

My brother

I  my little brother.  If he was not here then I would not have anyone to play with.  My little brother is nice to me. My little brother helps my with my spelling city homework.  I like to play basketball with him.

Girl scouts

This is a Girl scout sign.

Theses are girl scout cookies.

This is my favorite girl scout cookie.


The best thing about girl scouts is being helpful to the world

This is my first year as a brownie.